Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Growing Home - documentary

                                          from left to right Sandra & Santi
Sandra & Santi have taken and continue to walk. Worried about the planet they like find workable solutions to address the urgent problems in the current food chain. Two passionate gardeners discovering the sustainable permaculture principles. Instead of protesting they like inspire others by showing there permaculture projects on their farm.
I have been visiting Sandra & Santi in France for the last four years trying to capture their journey.

Clip from the documentarie Growing Home

Santi was born in Laos but has been living in France since the age of 3. At the age of 11, he became a Buddhist monk for the first time, returning each year to his teacher during the summer holidays. He has had in-depth training in Buddhist psychology, the teachings of the Buddha and the practice. He has studied for three years with Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh where he met his future wife Sandra. After they had both left the monastery they met and started a relationship in Ireland. However, the call of living a peaceful life in the countryside was too big to be ignored and they moved back to France. 

 With the help of family, they are now living on a 5-hectare farm with two houses and 6 safari tents which is called Simply Canvas. They receive guests, facilitate small retreats, workshops and courses in various subjects and are supported by volunteers for both permaculture projects as well as helping in other areas.  The focus towards permaculture has been a natural course in life. Sandra & Santi are both interested in offering a positive contribution to people, animals, and nature. Permaculture fits in well, plus there is a 4-hectare field belonging to the property with plenty of space to experiment. Since there are quite an amount of visitors on a yearly basis Sandra and Santi have started to set up a permaculture site with many different demonstration areas to share this with the guests. So far you will find aquaponics apiculture with a glass demonstration hive huge culture small food forest  Herbal tea garden  Annual vegetable garden.

clip from the documentary -  Growing Home

Pre viewing of Growing Home

Yesterday first viewing of our documentary Growing Home a love story with permaculture
Here a group of people can give there input to shape the film.
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Seasons - Part One
Seasons - Part Two

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Final Shots Growing Home

This week finale film shots and lots of fun and inspration with Sandra Santi Alderden and their great place now ready and finish the film #GrowingHome

Growing Home - documentary

                                          from left to right Sandra & Santi Sandra & Santi have taken and continue to walk. Wo...